Subsume Board Game: Rules

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We've tried to make the rules as clear as possible, but there are always some Frequently Asked Questions that don't fit. If you have a question you don't see answered let us know.

General Play

Subsume seems like the ultimate MMORPG!

That's not a question.

Is Subsume the ultimate MMORPG?

Yes! When presented as an abstract board game, Subsume encourages the player to use their imagination to create whatever fantastic setting they like. You could be a medieval knight clearing a king's land. You could be a 1920's era gangster taking over a city block by block. You could be a space captain exploring new quadrants. It's all up to you!

Can Subsume be used in an educational setting?

Subsume is very much a "brain game" for life long play. Small children can even make their own tokens from construction paper! Subsume explores math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, radix, and fractals. It can introduce geometric concepts like perimeter, area, and tessellation. It embraces modern computing concepts like binary, stacks, and quadtrees. We are very interested in working with educators to develop lesson plans that use Subsume for teaching. One great wish of ours is to see many students from many schools playing massive games of Subsume, just like they might otherwise play athletic sports.

What's the Hollywood Pitch for Subsume?

Go meets Stratego meets Chess meets Risk meets Conway's Life meets Rock-Paper-Scissors. Intricate personal stories of home and family are woven into a vast epic tale of greed and betrayal. Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson square off in the leading roles as two players divided over the control of one board. The moves begin . . . Summer 2007.

Online Play

Why did my game disappear over the weekend?

We routinely delete inactive public games. If you plan on playing an extended game, you really need to become a registered user.

Will you allow skins for the game to "enhance" my imagination?

We do plan to release versions of Subsume in the future that use common themes or evoke certain genres so that players can become more immersed in the game. Even we would be suckers to play over a map of Echo Base on the ice planet Hoth and hear Chewie scream whenever there's a conflict!