Subsume Board Game: Rules

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With the basic play mechanics under your belt, we can now look at some advanced abilities that affect multiple elements.

Control Level

The larger the territory, the more control it exerts. We've already seen that it is fundamentally important that you can subsume as a result of control at the 1u level, so here are the abilities you gain at different levels.

UnitSizeControl Ability


Territories can now be merged into the larger territory that subsumes them.



Territories can now change the order of the tokens that are stacked on them. As a result, tokens moving to these territories do not block existing tokens!



Territories can now completely change the conflict resolution type of the tokens that are stacked on them.



Territories can now take advantage of the fractal nature of the game and reduce the complexity by effectively changing the board dimensions. This will never occur in a regular 2 player game!

Broken Claim

Either through conflict or movement it is possible for a territory greater than 1u to lose tokens below the level necessary to claim it. When that happens, the territory collapses (e.g., a 4u becomes a 2u) in the direction of the territory that caused the collapse. That is, even if there are multiple levels of collapse, the territory that is left will be adjacent to the territory that gained the token(s).